martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Scene 3

The cottage was located on the boundary of the small dull town. Painted in a creamy mint color, with doors and roof made of oak, it looked simple and ordinary, a perfect image of what laid a few miles straight forward, if one followed the road.

However, the girl who lived there was anything but ordinary and her quiet loving presence alone was worth the journey across the world, just for a mere sight. She was called Cordelia and she was, by most opinions, not only the most beautiful woman alive, but also the most wanted.

Her hair red as the sunset was always braided and always adorned with a cute bow. Her black, round, big, blueish eyes seemed to be shaped from the reflective surface of a dark mirror. Soft pink skin was as delicate as silk yet still firm. Gorgeous curves defined her hourglass form, even if there were hinted behind the discreet long dress she wear.

She surely was blessed by heavens.

Only she was not.

She was the saddest girl in town and probably one of the most cursed beings on the land. For everyone she loved dearly, passed away one way or another.

First her father, when she was a small child, was crushed by a carriage on the way home. Her mother was struck by lightening on the clear cloudless day she turned fifteen. And last year, her fiance died of a contagious illness leaving her behind as healthy as ever.

She didn't know how she could go on living. With him, she lost her soul, her heart and her smile. Even though she was gentle and soft-spoken with everyone who came to meet her, she never let go a single hint of happiness in her voice or in her pretty face.

Until that day. The day she met the fainted Lumine under the shade of a big tree.

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